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APS/manufacturing scheduling software
PlanWizard 2009 Ver1.0 
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In the following list, please confirm the PlanWizard's enriched scheduling logics which are all specific to manufacturing plan field.
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An APS (advanced planning and scheduling) software, (PlanWizard) shortens lead time, reduces inventory by making feasible manufacturing schedules under intricate constraints. It makes a production plan firstly based on sales order, demand information, current inventory, and others. Then it turns that plan into a practical manufacturing schedule taking into account machine capacities, materials, resources, individual skills, shifts, and other intricate rules inherent to factories. PlanWizard provides solutions for managers who really want to streamline processes. Many features such as macros, external interface, customized work order sheets facilitate daily production as well as data exchange with existing ERP systems.
We have sold PlanWizard for 13 years in Japan. Now we started marketing in the United States. The APS solution, PlanWizard has been successfully applied for various industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, daily goods, machines, plastics, automobile parts, electronics, fibers and others.

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