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TOC auto-analyzing function

Reducing intermediate (Work-in-process) stock...

Shortening lead time is essential to reducing Work-in-process stock. The principal cause for unnecessarily long lead time results from waiting-times of sequential operation steps. If a process proceeds to the next step without a waiting-time as called just-in-time, the overall lead time can be reduced. PlanWizard effectively utilizes TOC(Theory Of Constraints) automatic analyzing function to solve this problem. The lead time reduction brings about substantial cut in inventory and strengthens your business with a lean make-up.

scheduling result without TOC
scheduling result with TOC
TOC auto-analyzing function
Scheduling result with buffer time
Scheduling result without TOC for bottle neck change

Scheduling result with TOC Scheduling result without using TOC auto-analyzing function

An average lead time is prolonged because of neglect of
TOC functionality.

Scheduling result with TOC The scheduling result with usage of TOC functionality

Assignment taking bottle neck step into consideration,
results in shortening of the average lead time.

(Case1: without buffer time)

Scheduling result with TOC The scheduling result using TOC functionality

(Case2: with 48hrs of buffer-time at Step 2)

By setting buffer time, some scheduling risk caused by
any delay before the bottleneck will be avoided.
Scheduling result without TOC for bottleneck change An ordinary scheduling result without TOC auto-analyzing
function, in the case of dynamically changing bottleneck
function (Forwards direction)
Scheduling result for bottle neck change A scheduling result with TOC auto-analyzing function in the case
of dynamically changing bottleneck steps (FW)
Waiting-times appear between sequential steps.
PlanWizard brings about a just-in-time result.
PlanWizard is also able to deal with processes that have their bottle neck steps dynamically changed,
which TOC alone does not handle.
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