PlanWizard's 'Easy customization
and wide extensiblility'
Customization of menu bar/tool/short-cut keys
Customizing menu bars Creating new tool bars
Hiding unnecessary menu items and changing arrangement
are allowed. In addition, menu names are also changeable
as users like.
Customization as adding new tool bars and editing existing bars is allowed.
It is convenient to register those commands that are frequently used,
on the tool bar.
Assigning menu items to short-cut keys
All the menu items in PlanWizard are allowed to be assigned to certain
short cut keys. It helps users' easy operations.
Customizations to field items

Customizing field names

All the field names within all the tables (including masters) are allowed to change freely.
By putting names familiar within the organization in each field, users become accustomed to the system,
which brings about smooth introduction. Related items in dialog boxes change accordingly.

Customizing hiding/unhiding of fields

Users are allowed to hide or unhide all the field items in all the tables (including masters).
Their width and others are also changeable. Related items in dialog boxes change accordingly.

Customizing sequence of field items

Sequence of allthe fields in all the tables are allowed to arrange freely.
Their sequences in dialog boxes also change accordingly.

Forms creater

Most of the instructions for operators are conducted through sheets. Work order/instruction forms are indispensable
to daily manufacturing at shop floors.
In conventional production management systems, custom made pre-printed forms are used so that they meet the
requirementsof each company. With PlanWizard, users are able to create various forms by means of 'Forms creater'.
The forms are simplydesigned on Excel sheets and a variety of templates included in PlanWizard assists that work.

Macro function

On a daily basis, a routine operation is needed for each company and factory. PlanWizard is able to register these routine
operations as macro commands. PlanWizard continually executes commands described in the macro by users.

COM function

PlanWizard's COM function makes it possible for PlanWizard to exchange data with another program described in VBA or other codes,
and is controlled or customized by an external program. Through COM function all the macro commands of PlanWizard are executable.
Taking advantage of 'Macro_File_Exe' helps the system be configured more flexible and have a simpler structure.
After the configuration, end users are able to modify or extend the functions. Sample programs (VC++,VB6.0,VB.Net) are included for
the users convenience.

Work order sheets customization function

Work order sheets are issued based on scheduling results. Instructions within the work order sheet are chosen out of more than 300
diverse items like production date, machines, components,necessary resources, and other data

Putting information about several operation steps together into one work order sheet is possible.

Issuing work order sheets with reference data of preceding and succeeding process steps is also possible.

Users are able to freely design the layout of the sheet using Excel tool.
Development of the new program for issuing or managing work order sheets is unnecessary.
Scheduling result
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