Distinctive features of PlanWizard
Loaded with a grate deal of powerful scheduling logics
More than 1652 fields in 53 tables are utilized for PlanWizard to take advantage of many logics in scheduling. Those logics work in the forward as well as backward direction. (Conventional schedulers tend to carry out scheduling only in a single direction). Although it seems to be logically difficult, it is essential to carry out scheduling in both directions to reduce inventory, we believe.
Enhanced extensibility for end users
Based on years of experience, we think it is important that end-users themselves modify features of the system in order to succeed in implementation and make the best use of the scheduler. PlanWizard offers many functions such as the macros, and the forms creator,and so forth to facilitate daily management.
High speed scheduling
Despite heavy load of wide range of built-in logics, the execution is extremely fast.
Loaded with various modules specific to production management
Variety of production management modules are built-in such as production plan management, MRP, actual result management, lot trace, inventory control (stock-in, shipping, stocktaking) and so forth. These modules are internally combined and they realize the best performance of operations
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