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PlanWizard's user-friendly graphical interface
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Four view panes make it very simple to confirm data structure and show it up seamlessly.

Many kinds of information such as connections between products and materials, all the calendars, macros,
screen layouts,and others are involved within four panes and users are able to select the information
you want and double-click on it to show its details.

Many kinds of calendars

Visual and intuitive operations in the calendar window

On or off-work conditions of the resources can be visually set within calendar windows.
In addition, those resources can be grouped and edited at once as a single group.
PlanWizard's calendars surely save time for busy planners at floors by simple and intuitive operations.

Users are able to specify each work-pattern of the day with a paint cursor.
The factory calendar is linked with other calendars so closely that a single changein the factory calendar can result in the whole change of other calendars.

Hierarchy structures of machine groups

Substantially reducing adjustment work about scheduling results !

Adjustment to automatically obtained scheduling results is manually carried out on the Gantt chart.
User-friendliness of this operation is very important. Along with movement of bars by hand,
PlanWizard automatically reassigns other related resources in consideration of their own calendars.
This terrifically reduces load of adjustment work.

Moving bars within a Gantt chart
Changes in manufacturing schedules are directly carried
out by drawing bars with a mouse. A bar movement causes
rearrangement of other bars in consideration of related
resource calendars.
Stretching bars (Extending and shrinking)
Stretching bars in the chart is possible.
Yield change along with stretching bars function
Bar stretching may bring about change in figures of
products quantity.
Properties of movement
A variety of moving methods of bars areinvolved in the property dialog box.
Comment function
Many users of PlanWizard make best use of this function.
Users are able to put comments freely within the Gantt chart.
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Actual manufacturing results feature

Barcoding is available for inputting actual manufacturing data.

Visual comparison between planned and actual data is possible!

Regarding the actual manufacturing data, entry by barcode is available in PlanWizard.
Users are able to compare plans and their actual progress in a single screen of the Gantt chart.

A screen for the entry of actual data from PlanWizard Monitors

Users can select the destination lot in this screen with refinement
options. Conditions used for refinement can be saved for further usage.

Actual data or progress of orders, is uploaded through
network to the PW masters from PW monitors located
at shop floors, and the outcomes are reflected
on the next scheduling result.
If work order sheets are issued by PlanWizard,
barcode readers are available for entry of actual data.

A Gantt chart after entry of actual manufacturing data

A chart after reflection of actual progress
(Quantity is recounted)

Validation check function

Checking validity of registered data

It is very important that the data currently in use are valid to avoid system troubles.
The validation check function creates a fully validated data set, which allows systems to be stable.

PlanWizard checks consistency among registered data in lists and masters.
It detects not only simple errors but logistic errors which are seemingly
correct and describes error contents in the text box.
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