Smart interfaces/ High compatibility
with Excel
Linkage with external database function

Linkage with external database

We offer a specific database for the data exchange between PlanWizard and other database.
Since this database is fully compatible with PlanWizard's master and planning list, master data in host computers
can be imported to PlanWizard's masters by way of this database(*). Contents within it can also be customized by users.

EntrySheet function

Interface by means of EntrySheet

This is an Excel tool to help users configure an interface with PlanWizard without any programming.
Data exchange between PlanWizard and the sheet is done simply by this tool.Upgrade of the interface between
PlanWizard and the EntrySheet is assured even if extra fields are added along with PlanWizard's version upgrades.

Direct output of table information to Excel function

Directly exporting tables to Excel

Users are able to check PlanWizard table information by directly exporting it to an Excel sheet.
Of course the exported data can be edited by ordinary Excel operations.

* Excel is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation
Tracking connection of steps in the master and listing function

Making BOM explosion/implosion lists

Connections of process steps from the final step of products to the first step of semi-finished products or raw materials
can be confirmed in the bill of material(BOM) explosion list. On the other hand connections between raw materials or
the first step of semi-finished products to finished products can be confirmed in the BOM implosion list. Both lists can be
exported to Excel directly.

* Excel is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation
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