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Loaded with diverse scheduling logics, each PlanWizard series will surely meet the customer's needs.

Production scheduling system series

This series fully focuses on the production scheduling. Selecting and loading only the necessary functions are possible.

APS series

APS series incorporates three major functions of production plan, scheduling plan, and material purchase plan, into a single module for the comprehensive optimization of the factory. Advanced logics such as TOC(Theory of constraints) auto-analyze are included.

Corporate license series

This series includes ten (10) licenses initially. Additional licenses are available with the purchase of only the maintenance agreement. Licenses are granted within the same company.

64 bits version PlanWizard

PlanWizard's 64 bits version is used for industries which require a high volume of data transaction, such as semi-conductor manufacturing.

Monitor license series

With this license, planners are able to confirm scheduling results and enter actual manufacturing results through monitor terminals located on the shop floors.

Specifications/ Options

PlanWizard Lineup
*These series can be upgraded to higher series after purchase
*(Standard) stands for being included within each license.
*Options can be added to every product series
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