Logics specific to production scheduling
PlanWizard is able to generate changeover tasks before and after manufacturing work respectively. Setups like mold change or loading materials and cleanups like washing or unloading tools are scheduled separately or together with. This feature for both setup and cleanup brings about  much flexibility . It is one of the good reasons why PlanWizard package is applied to diverse processes in many industries.

Maximum downtime during manufacturing / changeover

Sometimes, a production cannot be paused for long periods, such as between shifts, or at night. PlanWizard has a feature that specify the maximum downtime during production or changeover time. In the following scenario, maximum downtime of the production is one hour. So, the production can cross over lunch time but not during night time

Scheduling result with limited downtime Scheduling result without downtime limitation

Changeover types: Setups and Cleanups

Restriction of concurrent use of machine groups

This feature can prevent designated machine groups from running concurrently.  It is useful, for example, when space is limited within the shared stock yard for materials and WIPs, or when some other constraint factors are taken into account.

Scheduling result with restriction of concurrent use Scheduling result without restriction
Changeover types: Machine, Work-in-process, Pre/Next products
There are two types of changeover; Setup and Cleanup . Further, they are classified into three kinds. Task time for changeover differs from each other depending on machines or WIPs, or sequence of preceeding as well as succeeding WIPs.
This feature shortens lead time by analyzing connections between process steps and improving it. In addition, this kind of production is indispensable to those chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals that need continuity between process steps
PlanWizard brings about a just-in-time result.
Longer lead time due to waiting-times between sequential steps needs more spaces for storage.

Just-in-time connection between steps (TOC auto-analyzing)

1. Machine1

Changeover conditions depend solely on machines. In this case, 1.5 hrs' cleanups are inserted after every lot.

2. Machine2

Setup times depend on machines and WIPs. In this case, it takes 2hr, 5hr, 1hr for each ProductA, ProductB, and ProductC respectively.

3. Machine3

Cleanup times depend on machines and sequence of products manufactured before and after. In this case, change from A to B needs 4hrs and B to C, 2hrs, and C to A , 6hrs.

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