Logics specific to production scheduling

Productivity depending on operators skills

PlanWizard is able to vary productivity depending on skills as well as number of operators who are engaged in machines, products .

Necessary times for productions by three levels of operators (by 3 beginners, 3 experts, and 3 average operators, respectively ) vary from each other

If you do not want to change currently assigned machines even when urgent orders are inserted between current schedule, this feature is available.

Scheduling result before inserting an urgent order
Scheduling result after an urgent order (red mesh) is inserted to the top position (All other products are assigned to the same machines as before.)
Scheduling result without usage of this feature (All products are rearranged according to the insertion of the urgent product.)

Assigned machines lock

Setting each unit measure to each step

Each process step is allowed to use own unit , which

enables scheduling results to be used as work instructions.

There is no limit to the number of unit measures. Therefore this scheduling application is adaptable to diverse manufacturing processes in many sectors.
Scheduling result with each step having own unit measure

Data linkage feature

When intermediate products (semi-products as we call) exist and are allocated to final products as raw materials, PlanWizard automatically creates orders for the semi-products based on the final products scheduling results. Data linkage is automatically carried out between products side and materials side.
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