Logics specific to production scheduling

Assignment control of machines by numeric specifications

Each product is assigned to proper machines so that products' numeric specification meets machine's requirements

Length and width which each machine is capable to deal with are defined. Products are assigned to proper machines according to their own numeric specifications.
Orders are assigned to machines according to sequence of orders without consideration of numeric

specifications. This plan is not feasible.

This feature brings about effective production plans when working together with one-by-one transfer feature. By getting rid of idle times between lots which are resulted from one-by-one transfer, the whole leadtime becomes shorter and more reasonable.

At the process step2A, space is created before the production of ProductA (yellow) by grouping ProductA lots ,. Two lots of ProductB's production can be carried out there. The whole lead time is short. ProductB (orange) must wait its production until a series of ProductionA 's lot finishes production, which makes ProductB behind due date.

Each raw material can have its expiration date . Users are able to know which material has expired or which lot uses expired materials by markers or lists

Setting expiration dates to materials Extraction of orders which use expired raw materials.
Raw materials stock information
Scheduling result
A product lot which uses expired raw materials has triangular marks

This feature gives products various formats of lot numbers as you like. You can define them at a customization definition file (year, month, day, serial number, and other numbering rules). Numbering to not only each product but also each products group is available too.

Customized lot numbers (Rules are defined by users out of many options )
Lot numbers without customization (Default lot numbers are given to each product )

One-by-one transfer and lot grouping

Raw material with expired validity

Lot number customization

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