Logics specific to production scheduling

Pre/Post arrangement feature

By separating arrangement works from changeovers, resources and workers can be assigned to other works flexibly. It enables the scheduler to adapt to various processes.

One of the PlanWizard's distinctive feature is that it manages precisely changeover works and arrangement works and controls them independently so that each operator and resource may be busy operating various tasks (setup, cleanup, pre/post-arrangement and net production ) in a short hour.

In real shop floors, operators are busy doing one or two or three or more tasks almost simultaneously. PlanWizard's logic is able to reflect these situations into real plans.

Comparison between PlanWizard and other schedulers in terms of framework of production

Production consists of three lots, setups, and pre/post arrangements

While setup and cleanup tasks (changeover) occur between different products, pre/post-arrangement tasks occur before and after each lot production of the same product. Such as loading or dischaging operations are included in it. There are two types of arrangements: pre-arrangement before and post-arrangement after the net production, respectively. Necessary time, resources can be defined to each product, process step, and machine.

A feasible production plan taking advantage of PlanWizard's assignment frame
There are 5 machines and 2 operators who are in charge of 3 different operations; setups for product change and pre-arrangements to change jigs or load matters, and post-arrangements to unload matters. Each operation except net production needs 1 operator (Net production is automatically carried out without operators) .Therefore sometimes a waiting time must result from lack of manpower when they both are unavailable (See a bar image within a red frame in the chart) Thus, PlanWizard is able to model the multiple job operations perfectly. In order to make real and feasible plans.

At real shop floors, original plans are always subject to change due to unexpected and sudden problems or interruption of urgent orders. PlanWizard's simulation feature is instrumental in analyzing what -if scenario and studying counter-measures.

Simulation M: Current schedule Simulation S1
Simulation S2: Simulation S3

Multiple job assignment to limited operators

Simulation feature (What-if scenario)

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