Logics specific to production scheduling

Order grouping

Even orders of different products can make groups.

Orders of the same group are assigned in series and orders do not intersept arrangement of orders in other groups .

Scheduling result with order grouping feature

Orders having the same due dates such as Product A and X, Product B and Y, Product C and Z , respectively comprise each group . Orders in the same group are consecutively carried out.

Ordinary scheduling result

Orders which should be consecutively allocated are not done so.

Machines or resources can make groups which have layer structures.

Within a group, one change or one setting to one member brings about the same change or setting to all the other members. For instance, when the calendar of a group changes, calendars of the members in the same group also change accordingly.

This is illustrated below.

Group calendar

Member calendar

Sometimes it is necessary to take a certain intervals between succeeding lot production because of cooling necessitiy of machines or other reasons. Inserting intervals between every several lots is also possible.

Two hours rests are inserted between every two lots Scheduling result without delayed starting

Heaping multiple tasks within the same time band is usually avoided
though, PlanWizard optionally allows this type of assignment
by a flag on-off option simply. A heap image of machines can be seen
in the histogram at the bottom of the Gantt chart window.

Equipmenet / Resource grouping

Delayed start of succeeding lot

Overlap assignment to a single machine function

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