Logics specific to production scheduling
With this feature, the number of product types that are produced on certain machines in a certain period can be restricted. The restriction can be applied to materials, WIP's, WIP Groups, and Series as well as product types
Scheduling result with restriction of the number of products Ordinary scheduling result without restriction

Process steps avoiding concurrent manufacturing

This feature works when a process has joint and branch routings within it and consistent steps on separate branches are not allowed to run at the same time , although sequence of manufacturing is free.

Step2 and 3 are not manufactured at the same time Step2 and 3 are manufactured at the same time

Restriction of the number of products

Production rate change to each step

Production rates (Productivities) defined at masters can be altered on each order or  each operation step. In the following scenario, productivity of Step-2 and Step-3 of Order02 and Order03 are changed to twice and a half respectively.

Production rate: Double for Order02 and half for Order03

at Step02 and 03

Scheduling result with default production rate

Variable machine capacity with time-course (Cell production)

Usually, production rate is constant with respect to each product and machine. However, with this feature, it is possible to vary it for a certain period of time.  That is, it is possible to keep the rate at normal level during day and to cut down during night. Or in a cell production circumstance, to vary production rates along with changes in workforce during a certain time-course is also allowed.

On the second day, products are manufactured twice as fast as the first day.
Scheduling result with constant default capacity
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