Logics specific to production scheduling
It is possible to assign a single order to several machines within certain process steps. When this feature is applied toward bottleneck process steps,  lead times become shorter.
Two machines are used for the process step 2 One machine is used for the process step2, which causes delay.

Concurrent production

Sometimes several different products need to be manufactured at the same time inside a single furnace or other similar equipment. PlanWizard dynamically splits lots and makes a schedule taking products’ attributes into consideration

Scheduling result with limited downtime

Multiple machines assignment

Substitute process routing

If there are several alternative routings, users are allowed to select them. The change in routings can be simply done within the Gantt chart.

Scheduling result with use of substitute routing Scheduling result before using substitute routing

Longest idle time between changeover and manufacturing

This feature controls idle time between changeovers and manufacturing. Idle time between setup and mfg., and idle time between mfg. and cleanup can be set respectively.

Manufacturing starts imediately after the end of setup.
Idle times are found between setups and manufacturing. In the second lot, the manufacturing starts one night after the end of setup.

Consistent line assignment

This feature allocates product lots to consistent series of machines between steps. This feature is useful for chemical or assembly processes in which intermediate products often are not allowed moving across different lines, facilities or buildings.

Scheduling result with consistent line assignment
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