Logics specific to production scheduling
This function automatically generates changeovers between even the same products at the same machine when the number of consecutive lots or the cumulative manufacturing time exceeds some certain criteria. In the following sample, three kinds of conditions are given to the changeover generatio

Changeover after long intevals

Regular changeover

Controlling connections between changeover and production

This feature controls start and finish timing of productions or changeovers at different operation steps .

Normally production of Step2 starts sequentially after the completion of production at Step1
Production at Step2 starts after the completion of Cleanup at Step1
Setup at Step2 starts after the completion of production at Step1

Comment feature

It is possible to put comments freely within the Gantt chart screen. Besides showing comments information, comments are able to prevent orders from being assigned to places where comments are set or to retain work-centers or resources within comments’ duration.

Gantt chart with various style of comments The machine and resource are exclusively retained by a comment while it occupies certain duration of the process.

Sometimes when there is too long an interval between two production orders it is necessary to insert washing even if the two are the same products. PlanWizard is able to generate this type of schedule.

No need for washing between the two orders.
Since more than 48 hours passes after the completion of production of Order01, washing is automatically inserted .
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