Logics specific to production scheduling

Raw material substitution

Resource retention between process steps

This feature same resources to be retained throughout the process steps. Even if there are some intervals between steps due to lag time settings or others, resources are continuously held.

The resourceY is continuously in use throughout the process steps.
The resource is released during each inteval between process steps (Other resources can be used )

 Materials registered as substitutes in the raw material masters can  be used In the following picture a red triangle indicates that the raw material, Material-A is lacking . And the production of Product-A will not be completed on time (Due date : Oct.3 ). By taking advantage of raw material substitution from Material-A to Material-B this problem is solved as shown in the second picture.

Material-A will not be in stock in time for manufacturing start of Product-A
According to the predefined rule, Product -A can use Material-B as substitute and the potential late delivery is avoided.
With this feature the number of resources varies proportionately to the order quantity
The number of Resource-Y varies from 20 to 30 in proportion to the order quantity
Result without the proportionate resource feature

Resources proportionate to production quantity

Intermediate warehouse capacity constraint feature

When intermediate products need to be stored in a warehouse before going to the next step, and if the warehouse has a capacity limit, PlanWizard automatically creates plans that clear its capacity constraints.
Scheduling result taking warehouse capacity into consideration
Scheduling result without consideration of warehouse capacity
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