Logics specific to production scheduling

Machine assignment options at each step

With this feature, the methods of how to assign the machines to each process step can be specified.

Scheduling result with designation of machines to be assigned Scheduling result without the feature

In order to shorten lead time and reduce inventory, it is much more effective to pass products to the next step one by one as soon as they are produced than to pass them by the whole batch or lot. PlanWizard enables products to be sent by any packed number , which reduces overall lead time.

Scheduling result with one-by-one transfer feature (In this case, Step2 starts when the production of first 3 boxes is completed) Scheduling result without tone-by-one transfer feature, which causes past due date.

Sometimes it is necessary to take a certain intervals between succeeding lot production because of cooling necessitiy of machines or other reasons. Inserting intervals between every several lots is also possible.

Two hours rests are inserted between every two lots Scheduling result without delayed starting

Bar stretching brings about change in quantity of products, optionally.

Stretching a bar (With the movement of marquee, the number of quantity changes also) Result after the stretching (The number changes from 100 to 160 )

One-by-one transfer

Delayed start of succeeding lot

Change of manufacturing quantity along with stretched bars

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