Logics specific to production scheduling

Disallowing mixed usage of raw material lots

When use with different lot stock of raw materials(RM) like fabric  is disallowed, a product order which uses the material is created so that it consumes the material within a single RM lot. instead of mixed lots.

Scheduling result with this feature (Only one lot of material is used) Scheduling result allowing mixed usage of multiple lots of materials.

This feature is used in those cases where materials currently used should not be stored again because of prohibition of long preservations.. In the following scenario, an production order (green) was newly made so that the current material be used up

Scheduling result with this feature (Another Product C(Green) that uses the same material with ProductB was newly created. Scheduling result without the feature ( The rest of the current material would be discarded)

At process steps where rolled materials or rolled semi-products are in use, several machines cannot use the same materials at the same time. The following diagrams show a solution to this case.

Scheduling result in consideration of rolled materials Scheduling result without consideration of rolled materials

This function is set to limit the number of changeovers within a certain period on account of such reasons as changeover tasks are too heavy and it is necessary to reduce workers load. The limit number can be given to each machine group.

Scheduling result with limitation to the number of changeovers Scheduling result without limitation to the number of changeovers.

Disallowing preservation of raw materials

Rolled materials concurrent use forbidden feature

Limit to the number of changeover

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