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Manufacturing management

Production Plan / Products stock control function

In addition, if safety stock levels during certain periods are set to each product (e.g. high in summer and low in winter),
themanufacturing plan is made so that the stock level would not exceed the safety one. It is also possible to control allocation
records(history) of products stock to sales orders, by single product or by single lot.
Like products, a proper length of time bucket is given to semiproducts as well, which enables production orders for
the semiproductsto be packed together in an appropriate number. Excess amount of semiproducts manufactured
due to the settings in the minimumquantity for semiproduct orders and designation for round-up, is stocked in as
intermediates and at the same time, its safety stocklevel is also controlled.

Packed Time bucket
Each sales order is properlypacked together acording toone of the given time bucketlengths.
Sales order for the product A
Sales order for the product B
The product A is produced weekly
The product B is produced monthly
Variable time bucket
Forecast sales quantity of each product can be divided by weekly, a-third monthly,or any other time bucket.
Forecast sales amount
The product A is divided
into weekly bucket
The product B is divided
into a-third monthly bucket
Lot trace function

Lot trace from the final step of products or semiproducts or sales information to the first step of semiproducts
or raw materials , and reverse trace are both executable in PlanWizard. Results of the lot trace are available
at external systems through the interface customization functionality or by other means configured in the PlanWizard.
As to finished lots, the system implements a lot trace with performance data.

Scheduling result of product-X, semiproduct-alfa, semiproduct-beta.
Trace-down list from product-X to materials and semiproducts
Trace-up list from materials and semi-products to product-X
MRP and Resource planning function

Based on the scheduling results, purchase plans for raw materials or components are made.
PlanWizard's MRP is able to handle each material with any time bucket length ; hourly, daily,weekly, a-third monthly,
semimonthly, monthly, and others. When making a purchase plan,the system takes into account the stock condition
of raw materials ( including those due to arrive), and calendars of suppliers.

Scheduling result
Raw material information for product-A
Raw material information for product-B
MRP result when entering blank at the purchase rule field
MRP result when entering 'W' at the purchase rule field
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