APS ( standing for advanced planning and scheduling ) is a system which with cutting-edge scheduling logics,helps manufacturers implement comprehensive optimization of their production and business.
Unlike most other schedulers, APS PlanWizard runs
all planning procedures including production plan,
production schedule, material requirement plan,
in a singleexecution program. That enables the creation
of effective and workable plans, scheduling calculations
at ultrahigh rate, flexible application toward myriad
operation steps, and above all, an accurate and
real-time reply on promised shipment date.
Reasons why we can confidently recommend APS PlanWizard as a scheduler.
--- Because it calculates an accurate shipment date in a instance.
Since PlanWizard integrates manufacturing plan, production schedule, and material requirement plan within the system, it can bring about an elaborate and yet quick answer about promised shipment date based on scheduling results, inventory., etc.
--- Because diverse scheduling logics are loaded
A key to APS/production scheduler is its scheduling logic. In real production, a successful inventory reduction or other cost cut will never be realized without making a workable and accurate manufacturing schedule.Being installed with many diverse scheduling logics unique to manufacturing, PlanWizard carries out a viable and precise planning.
--- Because GUI is fully sophisticated
In order to quickly deal with many changes in manufacturing,PlanWizard encompasses a cutting-edge graphical user interface for the best visibility and easiest operation.
In addition, a lot of (more than 470) built-in menu commands are available as well.
--- Because customization as well as modification at user side is very easy.
If it is too difficult for users to customize the system, it hardly works as a convenient support tool for manufacturing.
PlanWizard is designed so that users are able to turn the system into a seemingly tailored application without change of core program code.
APS/PlanWizard underpins profitable manufacturing by means of agile decision-making
and overall optimization of the enterprise
Outline of APS PlanWizard
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