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There are two types of schedulers; customized products, package products. If it does not have enough functions, a scheduler product needs customization to make up for the missing capability. However, it is often difficult to clarify all the necessary conditions before beginning the development and, in many cases they are found later. There is a risk of failure at introduction since users are unable to know whether or not the scheduler satisfies their needs until the end of the development. And if it is not satisfied, further customization is required, which causes additional costs. A package product has many advantages: to enable performance review for many requirements before the introduction; to be generally less expensive than customized ones; to be faster in implementation; to be adaptable to up-to-date technology by version upgrades, etc. Loaded with many functions, a package scheduler can address such conditions that are found later, which customized ones cannot deal with.

points to choose
capacity to make practical plans
Shor planning time
A scheduling result without feasible plan is meaningless no matter how fast and automatically the scheduler might create it. It is the capacity to make practical plans that real schedulers should have. In order to take the planners' know-how and the many constraints at the shop floors into account, elaborate settings and many smart logics are necessary.
For instance, to achieve reduction of inventory, the capacity to make a scheduling in a backward direction is indispensable. Quickness, visibility and easy operation features are also necessary for daily use. The last point is the scheduler must be able to fit users' environment easily with great flexibility.
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