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APS PlanWizard
Based on original and excellent technology, we have developed and offered a high potent scheduling system, PlanWizard, to customers in Japan over ten years since production planners in the job shop complained that they were unable to find any proper scheduling system in the market, even though the most difficult but important part of the production management systems must exist in scheduling.

During our R&D process, we found that in order to optimize the whole factory or company, each production plan*1, production schedule*2, and material requirement plan*3 should be highly linked together. Thus, we incorporated those three systems into one module and launched a new scheduler, APS(Advanced Planning and Scheduling)/PlanWizard. The integration of three functions brings about a lot of benefits such as neglecting interface configuration between systems, making effective plans without redundant data exchange between systems, executing scheduling at ultrafast rate enabling an accurate as well as real time reply for due date. As you see many cases, a combined execution of different systems often results in inaccurate and unworkable production planning and does not reflect the real workshop due to obsolete information.

APS/PlanWizard has a lot of built-in logics particularly used in the field of manufacturing planning. APS/PlanWizard has grown as a support tool for users seeking for optimization and streamlining of their factories.

Proposal from us


Production plan(system)

This module automatically generates production orders(amount, due date, etc), taking into consideration sales order demand forecast, product inventory, safety stock level, and others. Since each product has each time bucket, planning in consideration of characteristics of each product is realized.


Production schedule(system)

This module turns a production plan created by the above mentioned module into a daily production schedule in consideration of equipment, resource, and other constraints. PlanWizard's schedule is able to deal with various industries by employing many advanced logics specific to the field of manufacturing scheduling.


Material requirement plan(system)

This module generates a purchase plan for materials based on scheduling results and inventory condition of raw materials. PlanWizard makes a purchase plan after (not before!) production scheduling is completed. This method results in very accurate purchase plan. In addition, processing is extremely fast.

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