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We are in the midst of a global recession, the worst crisis in a century, triggered by a sub-prime loans crisis.
Facing sharp drop in demands, and in order to survive, companies are tackling severe stock adjustment,
production adjustment and cut in workforce. High-mix, low-volume production, shortening products life cycles,
and others are also keywords to the solution. Above all, improvement of cash flow is the most important matter.
Reduction in stock is first and foremost a shortcut to improving cash-flow. In order to achieve this,
it is necessary to make schedules so that manufacturings are done as close to the due dates as possible
by carrying out"Schedulings in a backward direction". In addition, the schedule
should be made effectively and practically under the complex constraints in the factory fields.
Therefore,for the purpose of cash-flow improvement, the scheduler you choose should have the capacity
of backward scheduling under any complex conditions.
ERP systems alone cannot bring about stock reduction since they merely control daily in-and-out of goods
and progress of manufacturing. Production schedules aiming at stock reduction by smart logics and
exquisite time management at planning phase are necessary.
A production schedule is a fundamental plan for other plans !!
A production schedule has the fundamental role of making other plans. Purchase plans of materials and inventory control plans are based on it. QC plans to reserve testing instruments also requires it. At shop floors work order sheets are issued based on it. Replies to inquiry from customers and sales divisions on delivery dates are done based on scheduling results. Thus, the production schedule is the most important plan.
* We take 1'Production plan' for plans to decide which product to make by what time, based on demand and stock information and take 2'Production schedule' for plans to make manufacturing schedules in consideration of factory resources.
At shop floors, original plans are subject to frequent changes due to expedited orders, delay of materials, delay of assay, trouble at machines, and other causes. It is impossible to manually address these condition changes properly. The scheduling software updates daily-manufacturing schedules taking those changes into consideration and is able to provide customers with accurate answers on delivery dates.
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